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Women's Workout Clothes

Working with women gear is a challenging task. However, our research team and manufacturers have worked closely with the international and local athletes to bring the best Workout clothes for women..

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The Challenge With Women’s Workout Clothes

SQUAT WOLF's team have paid careful attention to the difficulties of female gym enthusiasts and athletes across the world. Many women have spoken about weak seams, overly tight fights, waistbands that just didn’t add to the comfort and these complaints were in the masses. These factors of women’s gym wear greatly affect comfort and mobility which are key during vigorous workouts or during calming yoga sessions. One of the most challenging tasks in manufacturing the women's athletic wear is getting the fit right. Taking this challenge, our teams have done an exceptional job in finding the right composition of fabric incorporating quality assurance. The fit depends upon several factors but one of the key factors is the right fabric composition for ultimate stretch and superior feel against the skin. Our innovative team follows the latest trends and styles in sports bras, tank tops, leggings, and other gear focused towards various high intensity and low-intensity workouts; Yoga, Strength Training, CrossFit, Running, Pilates\etc.

Top-notch Workout Clothes For Women

It starts with the drawing board. We know the problem we are trying to solve - creating workout clothes for women that is aesthetic, provides comfort and enhances your performance. Working closely with designers, athletes, and influencers; we come up with ideas after ideas. From the colours to fabric quality to fabric technology, it's just a constant procedure of throwing ideas around the table until we find that optimal blend. Once a product has been designed, it goes through extensive testing. It is put to the test inside the gym and outside of them. Our goal is to provide you with quality and durable clothes for the long run. Workout clothes for women that you can rely on. After they have been approved, we bring these exciting workout clothes to our Wolf Pack. Our aim is simple, provide quality and innovation so performance is never compromised. Our prime motive is to create empowerment and boost the confidence of the athlete when working towards the fitness goal. Therefore, our focus steers towards the most effective sweat-wicking solution and prolonged durability unleashed by the Premium Quality.

Women’s Workout Clothes Are For Life, Not Just Workouts

SQUAT WOLF Premium Women Gym Wear is not just engineered for workouts, but also wearing them every day for an active lifestyle. Our Women’s line majorly falls under the Athleisure trend. Most of our customers and influencers live in active wear and they prefer to SQUAT WOLF for their functionality and style. Why? Because we are in the business of bringing sophisticated and modish clothes. Workout clothes for women that aren’t just eye appealing but provide comfort and support throughout the day. With fabric technology like moisture-wicking and quick-dry, you’ll breeze through your toughest days without breaking a sweat. Times are now changing, activewear and athleisure are becoming a daily life norm. Not just for the fitness enthusiast but for entrepreneurs, bloggers, mom’s at home; athleisure is quickly catching on. It is about bringing comfort and mobility in your life rather than opting solely on fashion and looks. Contemporary fashion leaves you with restricted movement and comes with barely any fabric technology plus, the washing and ironing instructions are just time taking. In an era fueled on agility and being faced, athleisure helps you stay ahead of the game. We are also seeing global trends of being aware of our health and working out. Wearing active clothing for daily wear creates a statement and shows their conscious efforts towards fitness. More people are becoming fitness conscious and SQUAT WOLF wants to help them live a less sedentary lifestyle.

Find The Right Workout Clothes For Women

Bring out the inner goddess with the Greek series or channel your fiery passion with the Warrior series. Each series has a different feel to it, it resonates with each woman on a different level. The Hybrid collection is all about bringing a contemporary look to favourite old school classics.
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